Our goal at Atlas rugs is complete customer satisfaction.

Atlas Rugs are soft and cool to touch with a beautiful sheen; extremely durable; hypoallergenic and antimicrobial; unlike the ‘traditional silk rugs’ it can be placed in high traffic areas and will not mat or tear down. It is the perfect marriage of luxurious plushness and longevity in area rugs.


Quality without

At atlas rugs, we aim to be your number one source of exquisitely designed and high-quality premium rugs

We deal directly with the largest manufactures to ensure that we can offer competitive value for money rugs without the outrages price tag, exclusively sourced from Gaziantep Turkey.

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Price Match Guarantee

Because we are family owned and factory direct company, we don’t have to pay a middle man.

Which means… you don’t have to pay a middle man!

All our rugs come straight from factory directly into yours–so the pureness and high-quality mint condition of our area rugs are found nowhere but at Atlas Rugs

Also, because we have confidence in our rugs and craftsmanship, Atlas rugs offers a price match guarantee.

If you find a rug of the same size and quality at a lower price than Atlas rugs we’ll match it!

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